Victoria Court Manila

Victoria Court Pasig Party hotel chain in Metro Manila. Victoria Court motel branches offers large rooms with kingsize beds, large mirrors on the walls and ceilings. Some suites feature whirlpools and sauna. It’s neither a business hotel nor a family place. It’s a hotel you book for a party with friends, for karaoke feasts and other things. Some people say it’s an discreet motel geared towards unfaithful husbands who spend time with their girlfriends.

Maybe that’s the reason why they don’t ask for any ID during check-in. The receptionist directs your car right into a dark garage and the doors are closed before anybody knows who was sitting inside the car 🙂 Their rates are for short term rates of a couple of hours to up to half a day. What a fun place if you bring your friends! Be aware there will be mandatory charge for beverages and food if you bring more than 4 people, at least that’s what they told me and they made me pay for it in addition to the room rate. Victoria Court offers various branches all over the Philippine capital. The nicest motels are located in romantic hill settings of Pasig.






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