Unknown Market Wizzards

Unknown Market Wizzards

The latest book of Jack Schwager’s Market Wizzards series deals about lesser known retail traders who have achieved outstanding results in trading the markets. Not all of them became rich, but they were able to beat the pros by wide margins in terms of percentage gains. Marsten Parker reveals his worst trade ever was a 10% drawdown, Michael Kean solely invests in companies with a 20% to 30% anual growth and Pavel Krejci only daytrades in stocks who beat their estimated earnings by wider margins. Each trader has their own, unique approach at the market and follows plans consistently with conviction. Daljit Dbaliwal says people tend to overweight most recent history and their own history. Isn’t that what most traders are guilty of, and probably a reason fot their failure. Reading this set of interviews is highly motivating and insightful. One of the must reads.

Unknown Market Wizzards
Jack D. Schwager
ISBN 9780857198693
358 pages





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