Tulum Mexico

Thinking of Cancun as a pure beach thing for a vacation might be interesting for people who want to do nothing but relax and hang out at the pool bar. People with a bit more energy in their tanks: Quintana Roo has more to offer, specially for those who are interested in history. The ruins of ancient Tulum are just a short 2 hour drive away from Cancun. Tulum is an amazing place to visit. Let’s travel back in time when the Mayan people rules the Americas.

It’s good advise to arrive early in the day to avoid large crowds.
Photographers will love the many opportunities offered in hidden corners of the old fortress. Most sacred places are off limits for tourists, unfortunately. People have been stealing to many arte facts and stones from the heritage site. As a result we are no longer allowed to climb or enter the ruins.

Walking around Tulum ruins and exploring the seights takes around 3 hours. There is a public sandy beach at the sea side of the Mayan Riviera that can be accessed by wooden stairs.

Entrance Fee: 30 Peso
Parking Fee: 30 Peso

Official Website: http://tulum.gob.mx/Turismo






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