Tropicana Castle Puerto Galera

“From the outside it looks like a fortress built by pirates, the inside of the hotel rooms look more like romantic honeymoon suites. I have been revisiting this Puerto Galera Hotel on multiple occasions over the past 10 years and it is impressive how the Austrian owner Paul has build his house into one of the best hotels in Sabang. It’s very close to the small Sabang harbour where the bangka ferries leave for Batangas and many divers take off for their daily nitro diving tours. It’s a romantic place with a great view of the bay if you have a hotel room or suite on one of the higher floors. While it’s so romantic, be aware there are a lot of mosquitos (Lamok) flying around. Bring your lotion with you to avoid their painful bites. The restaurant inside the Tropicana Hotel offers great food, a bit pricey for some. If you like fresh seafood, walk 200 meters to the Sabang market to buy fresh fish and prawns. For a small charge of 50 Piso they will cook and prepare the food for you and you can take it out to eat it on the patio of your hotel room. The minibars are stacked with drinks. A perfect way to chill out the day is to sit on the patio at night time to enjoy cold San Miguel beers while observing the Sabang nightlife from a distance.
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Tropicana Hotel
Nightly view of the Tropicana Hotel. It’s a pretty romantic place to chill out after sunset.






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