The Power of Neuro Plasticity

The Power of Neuroplasticity

The brain is part of our body and works similar to a muscle. There are various ways to train the brain for achieving improvements, change and healing, but its a bit more complex than therapy for the rest of the body. Shad Helmstetter describes how the brain works, how emotions change the way we remember things and how it effects our behavior. There are things in our power that we can start doing to change our attitudes and moods in order to free ourselves from the baggage of existing emotions. It’s done by slowly and steadily exposing ourselves to our own view of things. This can be achieved by positively charged selftalk, replacing rumination about past failures and traumata. Chosing your thoughts is a powerful way of changing the brain by pruning old structures and creating new neural pathways to increase performance, success and happiness in life.
High performance athletes and critically injured victims have used this method to create life-changing experieneces and seek outstanding improvements. The method is easy to apply.
Implementing positive selftalk is very similar to mindful meditation. It decreases the time and intensity spent on negative thoughts and increases the percentage of positive thoughts in your brain. It effectively aims at diminishing the power of negative feedback loops and idealy makes them disappear over time while creating and strengthening new positive connections.

The Power of Neuroplasticity
Shad Helmstetter
ISBN 9781499794601
290 pages





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