Thai Air: Vienna to Bangkok


Just a year before Covid and bankruptcy proceedings hit the Thai legacy carrier they introduced flights to and from Vienna / Bangkok. The flights were executed with brand new Airbus A350 aircrafts. Here are a few photos from one of my flights. I enjoyed it a lot. The economy cabin was not very crowded and service as friendly as it gets. It is probably because of the new aircraft and the shorter flight time compared to their Frankfurt and Paris routes.

The A350 is waiting for boarding to Bangkok.
Thaiair A350 seat
The economy seats are comfortable Recaro recliners.

Leg room is very comfortable for average sized people.
foot rest comes in footy. You don’t see those on older jets.
Headset and blanket
Cupholder that makes sense.
Tasty rice meal for lunch. Thai Air serves the best economy meals on intercontinental routes.


Thai Airways has cancelled their route to Vienna and let go of their local staff. While I love flying Thai Airways their management don’t make much sense.

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