Sures Suites Buenos Aires

Sures Belgrano Suites in Buenos Aires

I was pretty happy the first night I spent inside the Sures Suites in Belgrano, a suburb in the North of Buenos Aires as I had a light flooded suite with floor heating and all amenities including fast internet connection. The next day I had to move into a rather small room in the back of the building’s gound floor as the suite I originally booked was reserved for somebody else. This room as pictured above was small and dark. It could not compare to the suite they showed me when I inquired about a stay at first. The small window was facing a wall, internet speed was very slow.

I spend another night there and decided to move out the day after as I did not like that small place at all and the internet connection was to slow. I had the feeling it was a room for guests who smoke. Needless to say I was a bit upset about being shown a suite and then shoved to a small dark room. They should have said that when I made my booking to be fair with me.

smokers room

sures suites

Sures Suites Buenos Aires






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