Makati Palace

“It’s awhile ago that I stayed at the Makati Palace Hotel on Burgos Street. It’s conveniently located in the nightlife district of Makati with many bars along P. Burgos Street. Upon exiting the hotel one can chose from establishments such as Bottoms Up, The Bronx, Mascara, Billboard and Rogues to mention just a few Burgos bars from the strip. The Makati Palace is more of a Condotel, some of the rooms are rented out by a hotel type operation while other rooms are advertised and rented by private owners over various ads in daily papers and online media.

Makati Palace Hotel
A colorful bed cover for this Makati Palace hotel room bed

Therefore the quality of rooms varies a lot. Some are taken care of very well while others show a lot of tear and wear. If you decide to book this Makati hotel, it would be due to it’s location on P. Burgos Street and it’s nightlife.”






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