Staybridge Largo Review

Largo: Suburban Extended Stay

As the name suggest, this is a budget place for longer term stays. However, I used this Florida hotel for a transit stay of one night and it was just perfect for that purpose. It’s location beside the highway is perfect for a quick drive to Tampa International airport. The rooms are very basic and clean. They do have internet, but during my stay it was not working for most of the time. I would assume it was an unlucky coincidence. The only thing that I really did not like was the positioning of the climate control. It was placed right beside the bed and would blow beside my head. It’s not very comfortable at all to have a heater or aircondition blow air into your ears, so I left the heater off, to make sure I could get s good night sleep. Actually it got a bit cold at night so I had to turn in on and off all night to feel comfy. You may want to ask if they have rooms available that don’t have the climate unit right beside the bed. If interested in staying at this place: book online.

climate control



Staybridge Hotel room
A table with 2 chairs offer basic comfort for a quick drink or bite
Staybridge Largo Review
Two standard beds with a climate control in between






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