Hampton Inn Largo

Largo: Hampton Inn

“What a nice place this Hampton Inn in Largo is. I was initially looking to book a hotel close to the beach, but due to the high season in January they were fully booked or totally overpriced. The Hampton Inn is a 15 minute drive away from Clearwater Beach so still close enough if you are a beach addict. The location is very central for the Tampa Bay area and the rooms are comfy. I had a great big kingsize bed with 5 different pillows, a huge bathroom with very hot water and all amenities you can imagine for a 3 day stay. A lot of parking space was available for my rental car. The only disappointment was the small gym, but hey, it’s a comfortable transit hotel and not a luxury place like a Sheraton or Hilton. I will certainly stay again at the Hampton Inn in Largo when I travel back to the Tampa Bay area as I know my way from the International airport and just like this place.

hampton inn Largo
A lot of space around the kingsize bed. It would be suitable for handicapped people.

Internet connectivity:

As you can see from the test result speed was great in both directions. Internet worked fast and was very reliable during my entire stay at the Hampton Inn in Largo.

Speed Test #41862268 by dslreports.com
Run: 2007-12-15 08:44:31 EST
Download: 2737 (Kbps)
Upload: 614 (Kbps)
In kilobytes per second: 334.1 down 74.9 up
Boost: 2738
Latency: 34 ms
Tested by server: 9 flash
User: anonymous
User's DNS: verizon.net
Compared to the average of 1591 tests from verizon.net:
* download is 41% worse, upload is 62% worse

A very spacious bathroom with everything you need inside my room at the Hampton Inn in Largo, Florida

A lot of differently shaped pillows that differ in shape, size and softness

Easy to use climate control with heater and A/C

A comfortable office chair for relaxed work on my Powerbook

Hampton Inn Largo






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