Arlington hotel Review

Hotel Arlington Prague

Most people looking for budget accommodation in the Golden City of Prague do the mistake to search for rooms in tourist places where prices are exorbitantly high during peak season. Prague has an excellent public transportation system linking it’s suburbs and center by metro underground rail, street cars and buses for very low fares. It’s possible to commute to downtown within 20 mins from remote places like Vysocany (Prague 9). There are a lot of cheap stays around like Arlington Hotel. This place is a very basic 2-star tourist hotel with bed, separate shower, a small desk and cabinet. Arlington offers a small breakfast buffet included in your bill. For people who spend all day sightseeing it’s all you basically need. There is no luxury at all, but it’s sufficient as a decent overnight stay for tired tourists who need nothing more than a bed to rest and a shower in the morning. This Prague hotel room is pretty peaceful with a small park inside the square.

Arlington hotel Review

Liben near O2 arena

hotel near 02 arena

basic bathroom

Liban hotel room






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