Disciplined Trader

Disciplined Trader

One of the bestsellers in trading books for good reason. Mark Douglas has a long history of trading and tudoring. He has the wonderful ability to comprehend and describe market behavior in rational ways allowing him to talk strategy without any emotional bias. He is one of the few guys who is able to look at trading in numbers only and derive probabilities from spreadsheets.
His book is an excellent source of information for traders to develop their own strategies. His writing is easy to understand as Douglas is a true master of abstractly defining complex situations. Yet, his style makes trading appear easier than it is for most people thus it may lead readers to believe trading is a peace of cake. It is not, and Douglas suggest that he is better teacher than he is a trader.
Disciplined Trader has a treasure of information hidden between lines. It’s probably best to read it two or three times while making notes. A lot of things make more sense when comparing it with your ongoing trading activities and revisiting his book. Then you wish you would have read it more carefully the first time around. In a way it is more philosophical in terms of understanding and less of a textbook.
Nevertheless, it is one of the ultimate resources on trading psychology on the market, today. A must read for any trader.





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