Chiang Mai Cat Cafe Catmosphere

Catmosphere is gone. They did decide to close shop during the Covid crisis.
This article is left online for reference, only.

Playing with felines while chilling for a coffee break? Sounds like a great idea. Indeed, cat lovers will fall in love with the cats at Catmosphere cafe in Chiang Mai. The cafe isn’t very big, but well designed to host around 20 cats and almost as many customers. During most times there are around 6 to 12 people here. Unlike other cat cafes around Asia the animals are rather active. It’s fun palying with them or just watching them interact with their comrads.

The cafe is easy to find. Short walking distance from Maya Mall and Chiang Mai University campus.

The fun is not expensive at all. Coffee, tea and smoothies at competitive prices are served along with smaller dishes, cakes, brownies and mostly sweet dessert style food. They have a minimum consumption of around 100 Baht per hour, but to be honest I don’t remember the details. There shouldn’t be a problem with that unless all you drink is one beverage and you intent to stay all day long. The kitties are all mixed up. A couple of exotic races, but most are adopted Thai street cats, some of whom have a family inside the cafe.

Some kitties just wanna sleep. Cute!

The reviews are mostly positive. Families, bloggers, students and regular tourists churn into the place all the time. Taking photos isn’t a problem at all unless the kitties become too tired to serve as models.

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short hair
Idea: Bring an empty box along. The cats love to use them for this and that.






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