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  • Unknown Market Wizzards

    Unknown Market Wizzards

    The latest book of Jack Schwager’s Market Wizzards series deals about lesser known retail traders who have achieved outstanding results in trading the markets. Not all of them became rich, but they were able to beat the pros by wide margins in terms of percentage gains. Marsten Parker reveals his worst trade ever was a […]

  • The New Market Wizzards

    The New Market Wizzards

    This book is a compilation of interviews with a bunch of very successful traders who have achieved epic success in their career. While most traders don’t reveal much of their specific strategies their stories demonstrate how they achieve emotional balance and discipline to make the trades they did. There is one trader who actually does […]

  • The Power of Neuroplasticity

    The Power of Neuroplasticity

    The brain is part of our body and works similar to a muscle. There are various ways to train the brain for achieving improvements, change and healing, but its a bit more complex than therapy for the rest of the body. Shad Helmstetter describes how the brain works, how emotions change the way we remember […]

  • Disciplined Trader

    Disciplined Trader

    One of the bestsellers in trading books for good reason. Mark Douglas has a long history of trading and tudoring. He has the wonderful ability to comprehend and describe market behavior in rational ways allowing him to talk strategy without any emotional bias. He is one of the few guys who is able to look […]

  • The Body keeps the Score

    The Body keeps the Score

    Mind, brain and the body in the transformation of trauma … Author Bessel van der Kolk explains the influence of traumatic experiences on humans and their health. Traumata from childhood can often influence a person for the rest of their lives. They can cause us traders to experience emotions which we may not be fully […]

  • Anger Management for a Zen Mind

    Anger Management for a Zen Mind

    Easy to read and understand instructions for understanding emotional stress and their impact on our actions. Managing emotions with a Zen mind turns anger into love and understanding.

  • Best Loser Wins by Tom Hougaard

    Best Loser Wins by Tom Hougaard

    Published in 2022 Tom Hougaards 250 page book is probably the best book on high-risk and high-stake trading for advanced traders. Tom’s thesis is as follows: Only traders who are able to keep their losses small have a chance to be successful. He is crude and rude about it, but maybe that’s why his message […]