Kamuk Best Western

Best Western Hotel Kamuk

There are plenty of expensive resorts with luxury decor, but many are booked solid for weeks and months in advance while other cater to adults, only. Many secluded beach resorts are for people who indulge in alternative lifestyles or target gay and lesbian couples. Since my friends had an 8-year old son, those places were off limits (I might try them on my next trip since I am so curious).
Exiting the National Park was Kamuk, where we found the <strong>Best Western Kamuk Hotel</strong>. It’s a typical American style hotel with big rooms and large beds, spacious bathroom and an excellent restaurant. A perfect place to spend 2 nights at just around 70 to 100 bucks per room. The rooms in the back are quiet, but it can be noisy in the front of the building since the house is located right at the front of a busy beach promenade. Internet access is slow, but acceptable. I would stay there again.

 Kamuk Best Western

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