Apartments BA

“Buenos Aires is the South American hub for art, design and architecture. It’s old style buildings are magnificent and a lot of new houses are build with great design and architecture. Wouldn’t it be great to stay in such a fine building instead of a crammy hotel room? When staying for a longer period of time in Buenos Aires a stay in a rental apartment is a fine alternative to hotels. There are a lot of residential rentals available over the internet. During my first short stay in Baires I had a look at a couple of apartments in Palermo and decided to try out Apartments BA for a week’s rental of a refurbished loft next to Salerno Plaza in Palermo. It was not cheap, but for the price of a small hotel room I got a huge 2 BR loft with great interior architecture and a lot of privacy. Most of their places feature exceptional interior design, but sometimes the looks are at the expense of functionality.

San Telmo apartment
A view at a custom made media center with LCD TV in side a San Telmo apartment in Buenos Aires.

I tried Apartments BA on two other occasions renting houses in central areas of Buenos Aires for a couple of weeks and was pretty happy with the places. Their prices include weekly maid service. They are very attentive to problems and all transactions were smooth. The only thing that was a bit disappointing was their staff being late for check-in and check-out. That’s about the only downside to a hotel where you walk to the reception and check-in within a few minutes or seconds. The world is not perfect, not even in a designer city like Buenos Aires, but you do get a lot of value from Apartments BA.”






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