Anger Management for a Zen Mind

Anger Management for a Zen Mind

Building emotional stability is an important task for every trader. Robert Hall’s book about Anger Management provides a short introduction to behaviors which can influence a person’s stability in difficult moments. The Zen mind originates in Japanese culture. Possessing a Zen mind means being aware of emotions and feelings and using this awareness to harness power over thoughts and actions. It helps in fighting anxiety and fear.
Have you ever been angry? Did you know what anger really means? Robert Hall describes it as an emotion that causes us to become defensive against a perceived threat. That is an eye-opening statement for traders. It means that people who are getting angry in trading will go out of their way to defend their actions and being at any cost. But what if they are wrong? Well, they will lose a lot of money, because their anger will stay in between themselves and a possible solution. Think about it: Have you aver been angry and been able to use this anger to your advantage? Hall’s 125 page book provides some ideas and exercises to deal with emotional discomfort and become a better human being. It can work for normal life circumstances and trading.
Unlike other books from this field it does not dive too deeply into the details of neuro-science and bio-chemistry. It is close to expressions and understanding we use in daily language and derive from proximity to our actual behavior. And that simplistic approach makes it more easy to understand and learn the way of the Zen Mind.

Anger Management for a Zen Mind
by Robert Hall
ISBN 9798696878607
125 pages





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