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Amari Nova Suites in Pattaya

“Amari is a well established chain of first class business and resort hotels in Thailand. I have stayed at houses of this chain in various Thai cities and always enjoyed it. About a year ago they invested into expansion in Pattaya, First they expanded theit beach resort with a new highrise and afterwards they errected a new lowrise suite hotel in a very quiet location in Central Pattaya: Pattaya Nova Suites. I stayed there 3 times over the past year. The one-bedroom suite was my choice. The house does not give you the feeling of being inside a hotel with people rushing in and out. It’s more of a place for an extended stay. Since the pricing of the rooms is on a higher than average level for Pattaya it attracts a rather wealthy crowd. Stylish people who enjoy comfort and peace. It’s a perfect place for me as internet connectivity is pretty good for Pattaya where time outs and slow lines are always a problem. The interieur design is simple, stylish and functional. You have everything you need and ample of room to lean back and relax. Each unit has a small kitchen with all cooking utensils you ever need. The maids clean everything so there is no need to wash any dishes by yourself. There is a rooftop pool and a nicely equipped gym on the 11th floor. At night time they have 2 very nice bars in their basement. One is a bed club and the other one a cocktail club that is made out of ice. Yes … and ice bar in sunny Pattaya to chill you down at night.
For me this is the perfect place in Pattaya. If I ever find enough time to get away from work for a longer time, I would stay there for weeks and months. Booking: Agoda Thailand

Amari Suites






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