Trades for December 15, 2021

First Trade: DAX Short

Short Dax for 50% retracement on bearish impuls bar.
Target is shy of day’s low to take advantage of downtrend.
SL:35 and TP 40.
MaxDraw: 28/35

Dax Short

Trading Balance 0: 7230.17
Profit: 82.00

This trade went nowhere. Decided to abort at around breakeven and US Open about 5 hours later.


Second Trade: Short Tech 100 at US Open

at US Open. Worked well, but order vanished and then went in manually for a quick scalp.
Signal: body/wick nack on last resistance
Profit: 250$
Maxdraw: 0/20
(Regular planned trade would have made over 100 pts)

Third Trade: Long Dow

Signal: Keltner bottom 3 min + Wick
Profit: -350$
MaxDraw: 35/35

Fourth Trade: Long Dow

Reentry Keltner with double bottom 3 min
Profit: 820$
MaxDraw: 10/35


Fifth: Long Dow
Signal: Rising 10 ma 3 min retracement
Profit: 0$
Price moved higher and moved SL to BE. That was triggered.
Otherwise it would have been a profitable trade beyond initial target. Shit happens.
MaxDraw: 3/35
Maxgain: 30/40

Trade Six:
Short Dow.
I realized this trade was a mistake and closed it immediately.
And I even got lucky with a small gain.
Profit: 63

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